Monday, January 18, 2010

Taste of Brussels

Justin and I were excited to go to Brussels for many reasons, one of them including food! Belgian waffles, frites, beer, cheese, and chocolate! This is the first blog post on our trip to Brussels, with more to come soon, with more than just food.
Every beer produced in Belgium also has a specific glass that is made for it. I can't imagine all of the different glasses that bars must have to stock there. Beer typically made in Brussels is fruity, so I thought I should try a cherry beer (the beer on the right). This beer tasted nothing like beer, but more like a cough drop in liquid form. It was red and very sweet!

This is the window of a cheese shop that we walked past. It looked so good! We did have some cheese at a restaurant one night that was very good, but they couldn't tell us what kind of cheeses they were. There were a few soft, bloomy rind rind chesses, a soft washed rind, a firmer one, and a blue. All were good, but it would have been nice to know what we were eating.

No, this isn't in a shoe store. It was in a chocolate shop. This shoe was made of chocolate!

The window of a chocolate shop. Justin and I bought a box of mixed chocolates from this shop. They didn't last too long because they were delicious! We also bought a regular chocolate bar from the grocery store that was just as good. Those Belgians know how to make chocolates.

Don't you dare think that these are French fries! They are Belgian frites! All around Brussels there are friteries, where you can buy frites with mayonnaise.

More chocolate! :)

This is quite possibly the world's greatest waffle. Belgian waffles are so different than what you might think of as a Belgian waffle. They are doughy, dense, sweet, and crunchy with sugar crystals. Then top it off with whipped cream and raspberries! YUM!

The waffles on display to choose from.

Another round of beer. No fruity ones this time.

Justin's dinner our first night in Brussels. It had brussels sprouts! Of course I had to take a picture!

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  1. What wonderful photos...It sounds like you both had a wonderful time in's on my travel destinations list and some day I hope to visit there....I remeber when we where in Amsterdam seeing and eating from several of the many frites stands I wasn't to sure of eating them with the mayo sip but was amazed at how tasty it was. Those waffles look down right decadent!