Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bonjour Bruxelles!

One of the expectations that I had of living in Europe before we came here was that we would be jet setting all over and traveling to new and exciting places every weekend. Well, because of time and money constraints, that hasn't exactly been the case. Since arriving in September, we have yet to even leave Italy. We barely have even left Tuscany. That all changes this Friday when we head to Brussels for a long weekend!
This idea originally came about when Justin and I were looking for somewhere to go over new years. We were originally planning on going to Rome or Venice for the weekend, but the train to get to Venice is quite expensive and all of the hotels we found in Rome were really expensive for the holiday weekend. Then, through RyanAir, a cheap European airline, we found tickets to Belgium for the weekend after new years for only 14 euros each way! So, it is cheaper for us to fly to Brussels for the weekend than take the train to Venice.
We are excited to be traveling somewhere that neither of us has ever been before and excited to be leaving the country! After being in Italy for 4 months, it will be strange to be in a country that doesn't speak Italian. I have been told that Brussels is quite an international city because it is the headquarters of the European Union, and that most people speak English. I hope so because I don't remember anything of high school French and don't even know a single word of Dutch.
It should be a fun and exciting weekend, and I will report back with photos and stories of our Belgian adventure next week.

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