Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our last trip anywhere around here was Pisa about a week and a half ago. Here are some pictures from that trip. We took the train to Pisa from Siena and spent the day there. It was a nice day. Pisa is a different city because of the tourism. Obviously there are a lot of tourists everywhere in Italy, but in the Piazza dei Miracoli, where the leaning tower is, is crowded with tourists. There are people all over posing like they are holding the tower up. People get off the train and just head right to the tower to take their picture. Living here has taught me a lot about being a tourist in other places. It seems like so many people here are just here to take their pictures. Sometimes I wonder how much they are really experiencing the city. They see it through their cameras, not with their eyes. I mean I am all for taking pictures, but I think you have to be there for the experience, not the pictures. Ok, sorry for that tanget. anyways, Pisa.
Yeah, we went to Pisa a couple of weeks ago. It was nice. and I took some pictures. We also went into the baptistry and the cathederal, both of which were nice.
Next weekend, well, actually Saturday, we are renting a car and driving to Alba, in Piedmonte, for a truffle festival. Alba is near Torino, where the winter olympics were held in 2004. I am excited for this, and am looking forward to having some truffles right from the source. YUM!! They say that truffles loose their freshness almost right away, and the ones that I tried that were a few days old in LA were pretty amazing, so I am interested to see what they will be like in Alba. New post next week to report on the truffles.

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