Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally, internet!

As you might have noticed, I haven't written anything on here in quite a while, but that is about to change. Since we arrived in Italy, it has been a struggle to get online. At first, we had a USB key card that would only let us connect for a few hours a day, sometimes not at all, and always at a VERY slow connection. Then at the beginning of October, that stopped working altogether and the only way we could get online was to steal someone's wireless. But it was a very poor connection that worked less than half the time even slower than the USB key. But today, finally, after almost 2 months, we got our own wireless connection!! This is great in so many ways for us! We will now have internet (DUH), but also we will have a phone through the internet. This is an american phone number 580-749-9252 (580-pizzala: isn't justin clever ;) so that means I can receive phone calls (hint, hint) here just the same as if you were calling me in California! Also, before we had an internet connection here, Justin had to spend 40 hours a week in an internet cafe working. Now he will be able to work from home, which will save us quite a bit of money and we will actually be able to see each other now! As you might be able to tell, I am quite happy about being connected to the world again.
So, now that we have internet, I will hopefully be blogging more regularly. :) I will write more tonight including a recap and photos of Alba and the truffle festival.

PS. here are some pics of our new apartment. Definitly a bathroom upgrade!

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