Monday, August 31, 2009

Arrivederci Amici!

Well, it's almost here! We are leaving tomorrow!!! Seems crazy that this is actually happening. We are leaving Detroit tomorrow at 7:45 pm on a nonstop one way flight to Rome. We are arriving at 10:45 am (Italy is 6 hours ahead of Michigan, 9 hours ahead of California). After arriving in Rome, we are taking a bus to Siena where we will hopefully be finding a beautiful apartment that has been reserved for us. I say hopefully because while I know that we do have an apartment waiting for us, we don't know anything about it. But we will be in Tuscany, so really, how bad can an apartment be? After we get settled in, I will post some pictures of the new place. Also, I'm not exactly sure how the internet access will be, so I'm not sure how often I will be online at first. Since Justin needs the internet to work, I'm sure we will be figuring this out quickly.
The best way to contact us while we are abroad will be online. My email is and Justin's email is Also, feel free to leave comments on here too! :) Actually please leave comments, because I want to know if anyone is actually reading this blog! Another way to contact us will be by phone. Justin has a vonage phone line set up that will be through our internet, so that might take a couple of days to get set up. The phone number will be the same as Justin's current cell phone number (989) 506-3556. So that means that you can call us without calling internationally because it is all through the internet! That means we better be hearing from all of our friends OK?! :) Also, after tomorrow, my cell phone will be turned off and left in Michigan. The line will be discontinued. So I will not be receiving any calls or texts at (989) 506-4599. After we get settled in, I will probably see about getting us cell phones, and will post those numbers when we know what they are. Also, we will let people know what our mailing address will be so you can all send care packages our way! Also, so you all know where to come and visit when you come to Italy!
So, ciao for now and arrivederci amici! Next time you will be hearing from us, we will be in italy!!
I feel like I can't write a blog without some pictures, so here are some from our last week in Michigan with our friends.


  1. Becky has a BLOG!!!! We had a great time visiting... have a safe and fun trip - Clay

  2. 'Can't wait to hear that you made it safely to Sienna, Becky and Justin. And then to hear about the beginning of your adventure!
    Love ya,

  3. Well Becky at least one Aunt is keeping up with your grand adventure! Hope your travels are safe. You are on my Google reader feed so I won't miss a one of your posts. Can't wait to see pictures.
    Aunt Sue