Friday, February 19, 2010

update on our lives in Siena

Sorry I haven't written much in the last couple of weeks. Nothing much exciting has been going on around here to blog about. That will be changing soon because next Friday my parents are arriving and we have a lot of stuff planned to see and do! My mom will be here for 2 weeks, dad for 3 weeks, and Katie for one week. During this time we plan on going to Venice, Bologna, lots of little Tuscan towns, Rome, Florence, the Cinque Terre, and then Paris with my dad for the final week. We will be very busy, but I'm sure it will be a blast! So check back for updates on our travels! :)

What we have been up to in the meantime:
I have still been helping out at the cooking school, usually at least 3 nights a week. Now all of the classes are for groups of Italians. One night is a pastry class, one night a basic cooking class, and then the third night is a special lesson. The people taking the class are mostly just taking it because they are interested in learning how to make some new things. This is not a professional culinary school by any means, but I am nontheless very glad to be able to help out and learn things along the way. I have lots of new recipes and get to eat a very filling dinner every night thanks to Lella's cooking school. Would you want me to continue posting recipes on here like I did the first week? I don't know if everyone who reads this blog is really interested in cooking or more of our adventures over here. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I wouldn't mind posting more recipes but I don't want to bore anyone. thanks for the feedback :)

The weather around here has been very strange lately. Last week we got quite a bit of snow (for Siena standards) and then yesterday it was almost 60 degrees. I don't know if spring is on its way or just teasing us here. I am hoping for the first one.

and since I don't want this blog post to be too boring, I will leave you with some pictures of Siena.


  1. Becky, I may be biased, but I like everything you write. :) I may lean a bit toward the travel adventures, but I and especially your mom like the recipes, too. As you know, we've tried several of them with delightful success.

  2. Hey Becky,
    I just like everything about your blog, adventures, cooking, pictures, you do a great job!! Who is that handsome man in your picture?!!! Keep up the good work! Love ya, Brenda

  3. I don't think anything you write is boring! Justin told me that my "trolls want more!" which made me crack up for days, but I guess I'm worried that whatever I post about will be boring to others. I'm the type of person that finds excitement in just about everything, as long as it has a direction. Your blog is a captivating timeline of your adventures abroad with delicious recipes highlighting the experience. I love it when you post recipes! The photography is great and your writing style is personal. Best of all, I actually know you! (as opposed to other bloggers where you can relate, but only "feel" like you know them) Anyway, this is getting to be an extremely long last thing...OMG Justin has a beard of AWESOMENESS!

  4. I believe what you're writing is perfect. You are able to transmit what you're living there, and with some recipes, why not? Siena region is very beautiful, but I do like even more Chianti valley, have you been there? Try Greve in Chianti. I stayed there for some days a couple of years ago and loved it.
    Enjoy your stay

  5. Hi,

    Just 'stumbled' across one of your recipes in the Jackson newspaper and then checked out your blog. We're relatively new to the area but are glad to hear from a 'native' who is enjoying a short stay in Italy and whose sharing is valued! Keep up the good communication.
    -Dennis (I didn't know how else to post a comment.)