Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ciao amici!

Well, here I am writing my first blog post. I figured that starting a blog would be a good way to keep in touch with people and let everyone know what we are up to on our Italian adventure. Maybe it will be easier for me to write one post that everyone can read instead of emailing a bunch of different people. That's my plan anyway, but I'm sure you all know how good of job I do keeping in touch with people (haha, that's my sarcasm there). Anyway, here goes!

Going to Italy to live has been a dream of mine ever since I spent a summer in Florence in 2004 as part of a study abroad program for CMU. I didn't want to leave Italy when my classes were over for the summer and since then, I have been thinking of ways to get back to experience life as an Italian. Well finally, my dreams are coming true! On September 1, we are leaving Detroit on a one way ticket to Rome. We will be staying for one year in Siena, where I am enrolled at the Universita per Stranieri di Siena. Along the way I hope to eat some amazing food, learn how to cook some amazing food, drink a lot of chianti, become fluent in Italian language, life, and culture, and have some unforgettable experiences (many of which I will hopefully be sharing here).

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