Friday, November 6, 2009

firenze with Angela

Last Sunday I took the bus to Florence to meet Angela, our former exchange student from 6 years ago, from Germany. We spent the day in Florence. We climbed the campanile, went into the duomo, walked around a lot, went to Santa Croce, and went up to Piazzale Michelangelo. It was very strange for me to be in Florence because I lived there for the summer in 2004. I thought I would be more familiar with the city and know my way around. But I guess 2004 was 5 years ago and I have been to many other cities since then. It's a good thing Angela had her map! We really didn't have too much time there, so we didn't go into any museums, but Florence is only about an hour away, so I will have plenty of other opportunites to check them out.
After going to Florence, I am glad that we are living in Siena. There are so many tourists in Florence, even in November. Siena seems like a much easier city to live in. But Florence will still have a special place in my heart from 5 years ago.

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